On Dr. Schlomo (Spoilers?)

Here is my theory concerning everyone’s favorite blasted analyst of dreams. He seems a little too interested in Parabola for a normal man…could he be…a Fingerking? That is, if the Fingerkings are humanoid like I suspect. Either that, or serpentine. The Fingerwork quality implies as much. Simply by the existence of Fingerkings, and Dr. Schlomos curiosity, such a conclusion is possible. So what do you think, everyone?


Staying on topic, that’s an interesting theory. I think it’s definitely possible, given that the doctor is a bit obsessive when it comes to mirrors and Parabola.

And yet, the same could be said of any of us. The good doctor could simply be possessed by the same thirst for knowledge that consumes all of us. The fascination you have in him is no different than his fascination in Parabola, or our obsessive collection of information on the prior cities, or the search for the Name.


But on a more serious note, Urthdigger, it’s not his obsession so much as the fact that he’s the only one of us with conclusive thories. Plus, tell me you don’t think the way he talks is vaguely inhuman?

Huh. I had the vague impression that the Fingerkings were urchins, for some reason, although I’m not entirely sure why.

You’re probably thinking of the gang of urchins called The Fisher Kings.


I do! I tried to just type “Good.” in response (except in the brackets of course), but I kept getting a runtime error -_-

And yeah, the way he talks is a bit…strange. I mean, a lot of people in Fallen London are odd or outright mad and talk as if they are, but not quite like that. Hopefully as the Fingerwork-related storylets progress, we’ll see if there are ties between the Fingerkings and any of the NPCs.

:)Im glad! This will be wonderful! But yes. I also get the feeling Mr. Inch will be involved. Tigers have only shown up in the Mirror Marshes, after all.

Actually, I heard that Dr Schlomo is a real-life figure – better known as Sigismund Schlomo Freud. The birthdate matches up, too – Echo Bazaar is set in the 1880’s, which would make him about 30.

I agree he’s based off Freud, of coure, I knew that going in. I just am theorizing as to what he may be BESIDE Freud, but thank you!

Huh, I never knew his middle name. Thanks!

Actually, I think the implication is that he’s literally Freud… Though yes, it is certainly possible that he has had previous dealings with Parabola. The real Freud certainly had some radical ideas. It depends on what the Fingerkings are, though. Are they really supernatural creatures, or can humans become them? I admit my memories of the term are a bit hazy…