On Daring Safaris and Wilderness Expeditions

There’s a bit of text associated with capturing a Plated Seal, and the various creatures of Mr Inch, but nothing long or descriptive.

In the related game Sunless Sea you can hunt zee-creatures to your heart’s content. (though you are almost guaranteed to die doing so for at least your first few captains)

Hunting creatures for Mr Inch and the Labyrinth is probably the closest fit, though the Dilmun Club’s expeditions-to-be and Flint definitely have similar adventure elements. Plus you can always write a Patriotic Adventure.

The general public opinion is either an unreserved &quotYes&quot, or a &quotYes, if you’ve already gotten all the other, cheaper-but-shorter awesome stories.&quot

There are a few complaints. some choices that feel significant turn out to be worthless, or less than important, while others turn out to be substantial. The two halves are both excellent, but in different ways, so it can feel a bit unsettling. It’s heavily segmented in general, which seems to be the majority of the complaints, which are mostly minor.
edited by Grenem on 5/29/2016

Like I said, I consider Flint an adventure more than a single specific story. It’s excellently written, but Alexis said he wrote it in short bursts and that somewhat comes across in the storyline. There’s a lot of stuff which stands on its own and doesn’t perfectly connect to the other elements. For example most of Apis Meet through the Bleeding Forest is very fun and lore-heavy but rarely refers to details of why you’re there. Though I suppose that makes sense given the exploration focus and simpler plotline.

As with all the other Exceptional Stories, stat challenges are fairly rare and tend to be easier so the stories are accessible to everyone. There is a point early on where you can choose a bonus to pursue tied to one of the four main stats, but that’s about it. (The only other major stat thing is a sequence of choices that allows players to raise Dangerous past the regular cap of 200, at the cost of a lot of Persuasive. But I doubt that will be relevant for you.) So considering that and the huge amount of interesting items available, I’d say just do it on whatever you’d consider your main character.

I wouldn’t mind if we go to the ash wastes that are north or south of London.

Prickfinger’s Wastes are North I believe going by Sunless Sea. Not much there so far but it’s briefly visited a couple times in stories, during An Intimate of Devils and Bag a Legend! for example.

To the south is Bugsby’s Marshes which is visited briefly many times in storylets, especially those in Watchmaker’s Hill. The Gamekeeper’s Cottage and the Exceptional Story Haunting of the Marsh-House are both there as well.

Part of the Empire of Hands content in Sunless Sea features an actual treasure-hunting / tomb-robbing adventure with the Delightful Adventuress (most recently seen in last month’s EF, still cross at those apes). [li]