Old Player Returning

Hello Delicious Friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the neath, I stopped when I hit the old cap of 140 and have only recently come back. What’s happened? Where should I go? Grinding for Echoes in London is all well and good but my guess is the story really lies off the coast? Brass Embassy and Polythreme are both well known to me, have they developed?

A Seeker of the Name

Back in the days of the 140? Aw mate, you have been gone a long time. You’ve missed -soo much-. Where to begin?

[spoiler]Start with the Department of Menace Eradication in Watchmaker’s Hill. Its got lovely dangerous tales of monster hunting (and also rats). While you are there check out the Gamekeepers Cottage and brush up on the latest version of knife and candle (a magical treasure trove of fantastic prizes). There are professions now! These come with weekly payments and high level items that cant be obtained by any other means. To seek advancement in the world of professions look to the amanuensis card and also the unsigned letter card. Some professions require a new quality called notability. Gain notability by trading making waves with the amanuensis. Its now possible to change the group you are “closest to” and doing so unlocks some really interesting lore. If you missed out on the Finder of Heiresses content you can now access that at any level by visiting the new clay quarters option in ladybones road. We have heists in the Flit which are a lot of fun. You just missed out on the Zee Festival over on Mutton Island, but the new Hallowmas festival content will be released soon (around the end of october usually). There are Destinies and more to be found on holidays, so its really worth being here for them. I think the Honey-addled detective and his solving cases around london storyline was added after the stats cap raised past 140 so you might check him out in ladybones road.

And of course theres a personal favorite of mine which is expeditions in the Forgotten quarter, and in particular an expansion on the firebrand revolutionary and secular missionary storylines known as the Cave of Nadir. I can’t recommend the Nadir highly enough if you’ve never been. The forgotten quarter is just so much better these days I mean wow. I think the alleyways of spite were added roughly around that time period have you been to the pickpocket’s promenade? Its a neat little area. There’s new wry functionary content on the new acquaintance card ‘A Visit’. There was so much new seeker content since then, it was such a flurry before the end. Aw man, you missed the (temporary) end of seeking. What an event. The feast of the exceptional Rose on Valentines is a lot different than it used to be as is Mr Sacks stuff around christmasy time. Um, oh its a small little story but you pickpocket a drunk in spite, that’s new and it has a tiny little fate story if you like small bits of story like that. There are honey dens in veil garden now, which are nice. Patrons/proteges/etc are mechanically interesting, but not especially story heavy. Oh! Player marriage and player dating is a huge cool thing you can do from your lodgings. There are so many ways to marry someone I can’t even. Oh and how could I forget all the new cool stuff at the university. Did you know they have a truthbreaker turbine there these days? Also alphabets and other things. Mmm, and thats about it as far as things I can remember off the top of my head. Not much has developed over zee other than the festival that just ended. However! I hear that ambitions are about to expand again in a major way over the next few weeks. This will almost certainly add zee content. Oh, if you plan to zail, you should probably know that zailing has changed. You used to be able to discard cards while zailing, but alas, no longer. You play the hand you are given these days. Oh right, now I remember there is some story content and rewards rebalancing that changed regarding breeding beasts in the labyrinth of tigers since you were last here. Okay, I better stop for real this time. I’m starting to worry that this post is a little spoilery.[/spoiler]

Seeking the name isn’t around at the moment :(

(on the plus side my character seems to have somehow lost Free of the Name sooooooo~)