Oh, thou, supergrind

Hello, delicious friends!
I love this game and its atmosphere and its stories.
But I find it now, that in the last 3 weeks I only grind grind grind, I have played other games on the internet, but this game (fallen london) makes you wait the most before giving you a reward for grinding.
Rewards for me are the stories, and I barely read a few new lines each month, and I spend 60+ actions a day grinding. Eyeless skulls are almost impossible to get. Been trying for a lot of time &quotlooking for curiousities&quotand going in expeditions (even more grinding for supplies and secrets).
I would like to know, from the creators, are they going to change this? &quotfinding ms eaten’s name&quotis impossible to get, I gained the &quotpeckish&quotatribute, received a message about how I was supposed to expect a dream. This happened a month and a half ago. I have reduced that atribute to zero.
My stats are around 150. Please forgive my bad english, but I want to know: does it worth putting money in this game any more? My name in the game is Ambrose66.

Sounds like you’re just getting unlucky on the Eyeless Skull matter. Starting the search for the Name is easier. You can either wait for the Death by Water 7 card or go to Mahogany Hall to play Wednesday. The first requires 1 point of Unaccountably Peckish, and the second requires Unaccountably Peckish 3. You can also get somebody to invite you to the search.

I have accountably peckish at 0 right now:(

Unaccountably Peckish can be gotten in a variety of ways. I know that eating rubbery lumps at the carnival can do it. You can also get it by killing and eating a sea monster on the Unterzee (if you have a ship). I’m pretty sure there are other ways too, but those are the ones I remember.

Eyeless Skulls are a pain to get, yes. I don’t think there’s any stable, guaranteed way to get them at the moment. I would advise you keep hunting for curios, as that doesn’t require a start-up cost like expeditions do.[li]
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The best way to begin Seeking the Name is to ask someone here.
There comes a point in the story when you have to &quotbetray&quot other people by giving them the search of the name. You could really help someone out by letting them &quotbetray&quot you. You get to Seek and they get to progress in the story. It’s a Win-Win.
Or lose-lose, depending on how you look at it.
What else are you trying to get that seems like it’s taking forever.

I think you’re just unlucky so far with the Eyeless Skulls…I’ve found 5 in the last 3 days by Hunting for Curios, so keep at it. I’ve had times when I’ve tried for days with no luck too, but it should balance out eventually.

Have you been to all the overzeas locations?[li]
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Thank you everyone, especially Nigel, I’ll try that. Yes, I’ve been to all the locations except one.
Also, SPOILER a few lines lower

Are the game creators going to finish the ambition story “bag a legend”?I have bag a legend 50.

The Ambition stories are ongoing, like the other stories. They’ll be finished eventually.