Oh that unaccountable peckishness.

The Seeking Mr Eaten content is on hold until further notice. You can’t join it at this point.

I feel it’s worth pointing out that when you gain unaccountably peckish from eating rubbery lumps it’s reiterated that they’re derived from zee beasts

actual spoilers under the cut

Given that eaten was drowned in the bazaar’s tears isn’t it entirely reasonable to assume that he holds some connection to the zee beasts? I’m sure we’re all aware of the bazaar and mt. nomad’s relation. It makes sense that being drowned in the tears of a giant space crab - whose daughter is apparently busy spawning malicious ice berg looking beasties - would enhance one’s connection to all the other foul things in the sea

They say that Mr. Apples traded as Mr. Potatoes once. Whoever tasted of his Hesperidian Fries never hungered again.