Off the map?

Any purpose/use for traveling off the map in the 4 cardinal directions? I had thought it would have been tied to some legacy but apparently not…

None yet. The four of them look nice all in a row? [li]

Not at moment, but i think it will do in the future.

Don’t go North.

Definitely don’t go north…

Or south for that matter…

In fact, just stay on the map :) Safer that way…

East isn’t so bad but for the bugginess.

Don’t know if i am pretty lucky, but North, Est and South was pretty fine for me… West was a nightmare.

North’s effects are a roll of the dice; I don’t know about South.

I have tried all four directions, with various games and for I have taken a step back to a manual save on two of them.

North - I got 50 terror; lost 8 crew members and some fuel and supplies, which left me in a position where I didn’t think I could safely make it anywhere else. So took that step back :)

South - I relocated to Apis Meet with 1 hull and 1 crew but when I tried to set sail was told that I was dead.

West - no real problem except the 50 terror and advancing the Dawn Machine but I sailed on.after doing that.

East - I have ended up in either Irem or Kingeater’s without any problems, at least no terror increase or crew loss that I remember. It is a bit difficult to plan when you don’t know where you are going to end up though.

South is a crusher…

Never been west, how do you get that way?

To go west you sail behind the Dawn Machine and through the Barnsmore Gap.

I have heard people say that they survived Adam’s Way and managed to get home again.

Yep. Skulking is not that hard, but it’s a slow process with the enforced half-speed.


Yes but the one time I succeeded and got sent back to Apis Meet with 1 hull and 1 crew I was told that I was dead, which I didn’t expect as I thought one of them had to be at 0 to get that message.

The captain I tried with had the Fathomking really close and had stocked up on Scintillack and a Live Specimen as I thought I knew what would happen.

If you have Rattus Faber Assistants on hand, can they repair you up from 1 hull?

East usually sends you to Irem (Kingeater’s is a rare result, but you can just turn around and try again), so I’ve found it useful as a short cut between the top and bottom of the map. Doing a pass through the southern ports, dumping terror at Kingeater’s, sailing east to get to Irem, resupplying there, and heading back along the top or middle of the map lets you hit a lot of ports in one voyage.

The problem is, logging back into the game after being teleported is super buggy right now. I have logged back in to find myself trapped off the map. I have logged back in to find myself double-teleported to the other potential destination (rather than the one I had originally ended up at).

[quote=lady ciel ]

I have heard people say that they survived Adam’s Way and managed to get home again.[/quote]

Takes ages and is pretty risky, but it is doable!

I have finally managed to successfully go South. I worked out that if you attempt it with an already damaged hull you get instant death even though you are transported to Apis Meet and are told that your hull is at 1.
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