Of the Church and the Game

Once again, a contact in the great game has a tale for me, and once again it’s made me reflect on how altruism and enlightened self-interest coincide perfectly because frankly for me, getting comprehensive second chances is worth more than a smattering of Extraordinary Implications and definitely more than Incendiary Gossip. I’ve never chosen the other options in years. Everyone deserves a second chance, and I deserve all of the second chances. It’s a win-win.

How often does everyone else choose the other options? Do you do so for RP reasons or do you all require Implications and Gossip far more than I?


After rereading 3 times I have to admit, that I have no idea what are you talking about.

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The Church/Great Game conflict card.

I used it for second chances early game but now I tend to not allow both factions get to 5 and cash in the favours elsewhere.



Do you use the Church/Great Game conflict card for anything other than second chances?

why is there even a church/great game conflict card? i can understand the criminals/constables one and the rest(are there more conflict cards? can’t rememer), but why church/great game?

If I remember correctly the Great Game plant a spy in the Church but he stops sending in his reports, so you are sent to find out why.

There are a lot of conflict cards. Raise all your favours to 5 and widow to 30 and they will eventually turn up.


Okay, Thanks calm.

(“Statement of Joe spooky regarding siiiinster happenings in the downtown-”)

Admittedly, I have an alt colluding with my main to get a whole bunch of second chances every week from chaperoned date nights. This conflict card was my main source of second chances before that, though. (But it was a real pain to get it to actually show up!)


Have not used conflict cards for years. IIRC only church / GG and criminals / constables are worth using, and only in specific circumstances.

I never really use conflict cards for gain. I don’t like to make ethical dilemmas on a daily basis and betray my friends for other friends, especially if I can make them never appear in the first place.

My alt, though, loves to get into trouble. Posits a more flavorful experience down here, he says.