Ode to the Zee

Submitted to Riverside Magazine on February 19, 1985. Rejected for being of poor quality. Rights to it subsequently sold to the Bazzar for 2 echoes.

The rough shore swiftly kills the zailor.
Never command a drownie.
Never love a captain.
The lively pirate roughly commands the shark.

Lively, cold girls calmly lead a cold north zee.
Desolation, endurance, and faith.
Courage, love, and sleep.

Courage is a warm shore.
Wow, surface!
The neath pulls rough captains north.
Glims wave like big ports.
Where is the lively engine?

Where is the dead lass?
The north dark quietly drowns the zailor.
Adventure, surface, and endurance.
The warm girl quietly loves the lad.
Ships endure!

Where is the cold drownie?
The dead zee quietly desires the zailor.
The shark grows like a dread shore.
Why does the shark wave?
Golly gosh, faith!

Desolation, faith, and desolation.
The zailor grows like a warm fluke.
Pirates wave!
The old zailor calmly kills the zee.
The north wave quietly takes the captain.

The lad endures like a misty lacre.
The shore waves like a old girl.

All girls command rough, warm waves.
Where is the rough zail?
Why does the neath sail?