Odd (possible) anomaly?

I find it a point of pride never to use wikis, etc. when navigating a game, and if my captain were to benefit massively from a bug I would consider all her 15+ hours of play invalidated. I hope this isn’t the case, but it seems likely. Let me explain.
My current ship (2000) does not seem to go faster or slower than my original ship (1000, of course) –– when I use the old engine. When I use my new, faster engine, of course, the ship goes appreciably faster.
Can anyone put this to a test? Using the first engine in the game and my ship with weight = 2000, going from London to the &quotB&quot in Badstevener’s Abyss takes ~25 seconds. (I remember getting similar results with the original ship and a much heavier one too –– I don’t recall the specific ship names offhand.) Anyone who is starting a new captain off –- how long does it take you to go from London to the &quotB&quot in Badstevener’s Abyss?
Thanks so much![li]
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There’s this thread which has some data: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic10161-weight.aspx[li]

[/li][li]Ok, thanks! My results don’t seem terribly abnormal then :)