October + Red-Handed Queen + Q of Air and Darkness

Compiled some material (with spoilers for below-mentioned ESes and Heart’s Desire) on intriguing possible interconnection of October and the Red-Handed Queen. With the Queen of Air and Darkness as &quother avatar in London&quot (whose factions at Hallowmas were Revolutionaries and the Great Game, to boot; to say nothing of the outright &quotRed-Handed&quot in her Order’s name and all their mirrors and chess).

(What a character. I simply couldn’t resist looking into. Charismatic and strong woman, succesfully daring to outwit an oppressor with such a karmic flavour. And I adore these decadent parties of the Order.)

It’s also interesting that &quotThe Shallows&quot, featuring October, and &quotThe Heretic of Hollow Street&quot, featuring the Queen, followed each other in August and September 2019, the Queen of Air and Darkness first appeared in October 2019, and simultaneously it was just the time to outline plans for the finale of Heart’s Desire (the first half of 2020).

I’ve seen Carrywell mentioned as another candidate, but she is in Tomb-Colonies instead of London where the Queen’s avatar is said to be, isn’t connected to Parabola and, most importantly, isn’t recognized by Nemesis players when unmasked after Hallowmas.

But actually, I don’t discard a possibility that the Red-Handed Queen might be even several people at once – as a shared dream or a symbol of a position in the Great Game.

The only problem is that October is (was?) a devil. They do deal with Parabolan powers, but their relationships are rather strained.

And anyway, this February’s story is centered on her Bloodiness and Dark-Airiness. If you’re really interested you should renew your subscription.

Steady on - October’s a devil?

Yes, it’s sort of said in Heart’s Desire. D-word itself isn’t mentioned, but all lesser details point to it. Apparently, it wasn’t important at all.

I think Heretic of Hollow Street explicitly states she

has a continuous need to change her identity, even to the point where she’s the queen and/or prisoner of the Fingerkings. And, curiously enough, a child.

Which ones? I’ve re-read everything that was said about her there, including Virginia’s opinion, but I don’t notice anything devils-related.

Already added the parallels from it too.

It was &quother child&quot. Probably referring to the Princess from the Chess dreams that was called her daughter there.