Occasion of Polite Intrigue and Unusual Invitation

There is a group of people, relatively small for most gatherings of Fallen London’s more Erudite or Societal upbringings, and certainly more varied than such, who gather at one of their “members”, for lack of a better term, abode. Meeting once a month, on a seemingly random day, the invitations themselves are extremely hard to procure, and depend on the host of the next meeting. The purpose of the meetings themselves are known only to those who attend the gatherings, whom themselves are the only ones who know the parties exist in the first place. A study of tautology, if you will. However, for those who do know, it is not of significant importance to the Fifth City, as a whole, for the dinners and the conversations that accompany them are simply that: dinner and conversation. There is no theme, set or otherwise, dedicated by these meetings, and the topic may vary, from the current economical state, to the latest attempt of the Revolutionaries, to one member’s stay at the Polythreme, or maybe the Iron Republic, to the state of affairs of the Rubbery Folk. In fact, for such a casual collaboration, the amount of secrecy and complexity might seem frivolous, or downright mad. But, then again, this is Fallen London.

[i]Now that the introduction is finished, Welcome One and All. This is my attempt at a casual roleplay for those of us who wish to simply play our characters in a little dinner of sorts. I will state the rules momentarily, but for now, I simply wish to establish that this is just me, wishing to act out my character in a more detailed sense than the game, and to give my character a bit more sense and depth, as well as to pass the time. Now, before I explain further, the rules.

[/i][ul][li]No Godmodding: For those of you unfamiliar with roleplay terms, Godmodding refers to enacting an action or thought of a character you do not control. This includes: Having your character doing something, then stating what the other person’s character feels about said action; If in a match of fisticuffs, automatically hitting the other character without the controllers consent/ automatically dodging attacks and basically being untouchable; etc.[/li][li]No Permanent Death: Rather straightforward, I think. This is meant to take place in Fallen London, and perhaps even be in between stories of your own character.[/li][li]No Joining for the Sake of Conflict: Fallen London is a place of fighting and blood, but please don’t just jump in to start/win a fight. This is a dinner party, not the Docks. A fight may occur, if the characters involved are arguing and it escalates as such, or two characters politely agree to a friendly duel to the death, but try to also be good guests.[/li][li]Be Polite to Each Other: An obvious one, which I think we will have no problem with, seeing as from what I’ve seen, the Fallen London Community is very polite.[/li][/ul][i]
I think that covers that. If you are still interested after that lengthy rule gathering, here are the ways to join. First, fill out the below skeleton for your character, and send me a private message. I would prefer to keep the talk in these posts to in character as much as possible. If you are accepted, I will reply, and place you in the guest list below. Second, that’s it, there is only one step.

Profile Page:
Strongest Connection (Including ties):
Favorite Connection:
Favorite Attribute (Does not have to be strongest):
Information That May or Not May Be Important (Your Affiliation, Club, Significant Other, Vehicle, Ship, Other Oddities (Soulless, Rubbery, Been to the Iron Republic, etc.)):
How You Acquired This Month’s Invitation:
Any Other Relevant Or Irrelevant Information You Wish To Provide:

A quick note: As this months meeting is taking place at my character’s abode, here are the ways you may acquire an invitation: Through either pickpocketing, persuading, killing, or spotting and simply taking them from either a member of high society, a devil or deviless, a rubbery person, a spy in the great game, or by persuading or finding one from the three sisters of Hunters Keep, [i]or from visiting the Iron Republic and somehow finding it in all that anarchy.

Guest List:
Seth Pincetich (Host)
[/i]Daniel Redwood: The Masked Gentlman
[i][u]The Exiled Lord
Tess La Coil
Sherman Jones
Nathan Gerimi

[/u]If you have any other questions, simply contact me.
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I’m normally downright awful at these, but it could be fun. Not to mention practice makes perfect.

Name: Daniel Redwood
Age: coughcoughcough
Sex: Male
Profile Page:Fallen London
Strongest Connection (Including ties): Society/Church/Constables (515/505/436 respectively)
Favorite Connection: Masters
Favorite Attribute: Magnanimous (Yes, this is quirk. Even before I knew I would be stat capped I enjoyed my character being high in all his stats)
Information That May or Not May Be Important : Beyond what is on my profile page, I also possess a Gang of Hoodlums, a Library, and a Clay Sedan Chair.
You Acquired This Month’s Invitation:
Stole an invitation from the Brass Embassy filing cabinets while editing the paperwork to make it look like a devil was embezzling souls.

Any Other Relevant Or Irrelevant Information You Wish To Provide:

Despite his true identity being rather well known, as social events he often attends as the Masked Gentleman.

Daniel Redwood’s second persona is the Unseen Governor. He operates through his former Devious Henchmen now right hand man, and his gang mostly steals secrets and smuggles souls and proscribed materials. Before you get the wrong impression of him, he is a member of the C.V.R. and spends much of his free time plotting to rob the Brass Embassy in order to return the souls to their rightful owners. This is very privileged information that only the most elite and discrete know. Then again, this is a party for the elite and discreet. His gang mostly robs Hell and other ruthless criminals, and are forbidden to steal from the oppressed and poor. The Unseen Governor sometimes engages in politics and is known to melt a statue or two for the cause, but refuses to blow up bankers.

He is also on good terms with Bohemians, Rubbery Men, Criminals, and Revolutionaries.

Though not very connected to the Great Game due to his strict yet unusual code of ethics, he is a frequent player.

He wears many faces and often does not leave home without a disguise. He is also fond of fire.

Hopefully this is enough!

Oh my, quite an important person! And I thought I was hot stuff! Yes, I think you will do perfectly well. I suppose I should have added my own profile, etc., ought I?

Name: Seth
Age: Mid to Late 30’s
Sex: Male
Profile Page: http://www.fallenlondon.com/Profile/Seth~Pincetich
Strongest Connection: Society (72), Hell (73)
Favorite Connection: Rubbery Men (28)
Favorite Attribute: Changed By The Iron Republic (1… so far)
Information That May or Not May Be Important: I am also a in the Membership of Gods Editors, have several other favorite outfits, including a Sumptuous Dandy Outfit, Moderately Co-Operative Clothes Colony, Insatiable Gloves, Bejewelled Cane, an Albino Rat named Lucielle, a Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief named Ol Ralph, an Unfinished Hat named Prometheous, and a Hound of Heaven named Gaberielle.

How You Acquired This Month’s Invitation:
Seth sent them out, using contacts and several different methods of persuasion and instructions for each, allowing each invitation to be hidden at the discretion of those he personally selected.

Any Other Relevant Or Irrelevant Information You Wish To Provide:

Seth is a… complex person. He deals mostly in secrets, mysteries, and things that humans and humanity really, really, really shouldn’t be looking for. He is seen in the highest societal circles one day, the next discussing matters with members at the Brass Embassy, and the next going to the Carnival, disappearing for weeks and returning, laden with amber, smelling of damp and ancient cities, and followed by a Rubbery Hound, and then the next working diligently with Gods Editors, and then the NEXT spending time with his wife, a celebrated artists model, then going out to Zee for weeks. His wardrobe is almost as varied as his actions, and he seems to be borderline psychotic. He will aid and support Clay Men, even going so far as to hire a couple for his personal transport, then turn around and give the Masters of the Bazaar his undivided service. To know this man is to know madness itself.

His residency in the Royal Bethleham and his recent trips to the Iron Republic have only solidified that madness.
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Moniker:Exiled Lord
Age:Underneath the rags who knows?


Profile Page:Fallen London

Strongest Connection (Including ties):Society 80(Recently lost most of my connections seeking a name.)

Favorite Connection:Great Game

Favorite Attribute (Does not have to be strongest):Watchful
Information That May or Not May Be Important (Your Affiliation, Club, Significant Other, Vehicle, Ship, Other Oddities (Soulless, Rubbery, Been to the Iron Republic, etc.)): A souless member of the Dilmun Club who have ventured quite often across the Underzee on it’s zwift zee clipper visting all foreign lands that are within the reach of current legal and metaphysical red tape. A researcher of note who has taken a break off of his studies in a bit of real estate hunting. In addition to my Membership of God’s Editors I run a very effecient gang of hoodlums and a modest newspaper. Naturally I have a Clay Sedan chair for Jack Chasing… May additionally have a slight addiction to Laudnum

How You Acquired This Month’s Invitation: One of my papers on the Moon Misers went through London like wildfire condemning me in the eyes of many.

Any Other Relevant Or Irrelevant Information You Wish To Provide: Secrets for secrets sake, sometimes at its own peril.

To clarify I acquired the invitation due the whirlwind of social intrigue surrounding my latest paper and found an invitation lying amongst my hate mail. Apparently not all of London is outraged with my works.
Additionally, Secrets for secrets sake, sometimes at it’s own peril, Relates to the fact that my character will hunt down secrets even at the risk of it’s own life. Hope that helps…

Ah yes, thank you very much my good man! Thank you for clearing that up. You will be added to the guest list.

I suppose I should mention that we will start when one of two objectives have been met. Either 1) When five or six people have joined or 2) When one week has passed. For your first post, you may introduce your character and have them arrive at the destination, Seth’s room at the Royal Bethlehem.

Name: Tess La Coil
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Profile Page: http://www.fallenlondon.com/Profile/Tess~La~Coil
Strongest Connection (Including ties): Society (84), second-most strongest Bohemians (55)
Favorite Connection: Either The Duchess or The Orient
Favorite Attribute (Does not have to be strongest): Honored with a Statue A Fine Likeness
Information That May or Not May Be Important: Besides her bloodhound Toby, her “Investigating Team” consists of a quintet of Rattus Fabers ranging from the disgraced to the depressed, a hound of heaven she has christened Snape for reasons of her own, and a pair of mismatched orphans who act as her eyes and ears on the streets. When not at work her favorite companions are a darling little salt weasel who rides on her shoulder and a hat of dubious morals named Topsy which she keeps far away from her head. That is of course not counting her Constant companion, a quick-fingered gentleman who one would wonder at his business with such a respectable lady. In any case one can hardly say their mismatched when her business leads to less than lawful means. Formerly soulless, she has since kept devils at a respectable distance, for practical reasons if no other. It’s much easier to hold on to one’s possessions if there aren’t people asking for them. She considers herself a forward thinker of society, and her tastes constantly switch between the respectable and the bizarre, one day riding around the city in a respectable landau the next sailing off to zee in a zubmarine simply for the marvel of the invention. As such she has never felt comfortable in either of the more famous gentlemens’ clubs, though she claims the reason she refuses to accept their invitations is out of defiance of patriarchal society.
How You Acquired This Month’s Invitation: On one of her typical Sunday strolls (which just happen to always go through a small square where her likeness can be found) a pristine envelope was found on her favorite statue. Although she found the contents intriguing, the fact the way the envelope was left for discovery was by gluing it to her statue’s (admittedly prominent) posterior was less than flattering.
Any Other Relevant Or Irrelevant Information You Wish To Provide: A disciple of the Implacable Detective, she has taken to calling herself the Insatiable Detective, citing a tendency to dig at the truth even after the original information she was after has been uncovered. The name has failed to stick however and even after her thus-far greatest accomplishment of uncovering and stopping the cause of Jack-of-Smiles she is still known around most neighborhoods as “That lass who wot sticks her nose in e’ryone’s business.”

I love your delicious name, Miss La Coil, welcome aboard. And might I say, quite a fine literary hand you have there.

Oooh, this looks promising. Give me a bit to work out my character page, and I’ll be more than happy to give this a try.

Here it is.

Name: Sherman Jones
Age: Early thirties, although with the appearance of someone quite a bit older
Sex: Male
Profile Page: Fallen London
Strongest Connection : Society(47), Revolutionaries (24)
Favorite Connection: Benthic
Favorite Attribute: a Scholar of the Correspondence 7 - Ecstatic Authority
Information That May or Not May Be Important: As a man scarred by the Correspondence, Sherman Jones is a peculiar type of Londoner. One moment he could be telling a bawdy tale, and the next he could descend into a deep depression (the loss of a soul does weigh heavily on one after a while), only to quickly break out into an ecstatic jig, eyes bleeding fiercely. When not pouring into his research, he also takes the time to keep in touch with his colleagues in the Black Ribbon Society, the ribbon of a fallen opponent covering a certain scar on his wrist left by a certain fork (one which he has his own of now). A man with style not even madness can crush, he never leaves his respectable townhouse without looking his best, along with his Devious Henchman (much more useful than a butler, really) carrying any supplies that he may need in a hurry.
How You Acquired This Month’s Invitation: While publishing some Extraordinary Implications, the deviless of the Benthic press happened to pass on an invitation, saying that a man of his unusual qualities was sure to be interested in such a thing.
Any Other Relevant Or Irrelevant Information You Wish To Provide: “If the reward is Science, the cost is negligible.”

Doctor Jones, I’m more than happy to add you to the guest list. Well, that makes five of us, would all of you like to start soon, or wait for one more person?

Doctor Jones, eh? I like the ring of that! And we could go ahead and start, and if anyone else wants to join, they can write themselves in, possibly? And will we be taking turns writing, or just speak up whenever it tickles our fancies?

I think we’ll start off taking turns, and then as we progress, and others begin their own cliques of conversation we can improvise it.

Also, yes, Doctor Jones, because everything needs a random Indiana Jones reference from time to time. ;)

Well, shall we begin now then? And as soon as they sell lassos at the Bazaar, consider that an automatic purchase for me.

[i]Very well, let us begin.

[/i]“Dear, I’m going out to poker.” Seth looked up from his book and smiled at his constant companion.
“Don’t get caught cheating.”
“I never do. Ciao.”
The door closed, and Seth waited a few seconds for her footsteps to disappear before closing his black bound book and tucking it into his inner jacket pocket, standing up. He grabbed his Bejewelled Cane and thumped it on the ground three times, and two burly Clay Men made there way into the room.
“Gregory, Lincoln, it’s time. Get the cellar key from the Manager and bring up two cases of wine.” He paused for a second, thinking, before adding, “And the special black case as well.” He gave them each a handful of Moon-Pearls, and they each nodded their heads and trudged out into the Royal Bethlehem, to do as instructed. Seth went from room to room, arranging the furniture, putting his more impressive items on display and hiding his more precious possessions. There was a knock on the door, and Seth quickly smoothed out the black table cloth before answering. A young man with an aggressive look on his face was there, grinning.
“Sir, we got word tha’-” Seth held up his hand, closing his eyes, and the young man fell quiet. For a few seconds, Seth stood there, his hand in front of the young hoodlum’s face, his face set as the stone men he had only recently instructed.
“Who gave you permission to visit me at my own home?”
“It was-”
“Wrong. I did not give you permission. Therefore, no one gave you position.” He opened his eyes, glaring at the young man, who flinched. “Lucky for you, I have business to attend to. Leave.” And the young hoodlum scampered as quickly as possible. Seth sighed, rubbing his temples, his eyebrow twitching.

A few more seconds later, and he smiled, going back to work. He finished setting up the table, making a few minor adjustments. A few of his contacts had told him who may or may not be coming, and all that was left to do was wait. He sat down in his chair, taking the black bound book out of his jacket again, and flipped a few pages. His eyes glinted in an unnatural way.

Hopefully this goes well. I don’t have a lot of experience with these kind of things.

Sherman Jones walked down the corridors at the Royal Bethlehem, his invitation in hand. His radium-enhanced goggles were set upon his forehead, and his morning suit seemed almost too cheery in contrast to his heavily-lined face. “Sir,” said Duncan, his Devious Henchman “isn’t the room around this way?” Jones paused a moment, a look of supreme confusion crossing his face before it suddenly was replaced with a cheery grin. “Right’o you are, Duncan! Really, what would I do without you?” Scowling, Duncan muttered under his breath “Carry your own things?”, referring to the two rather large trunks he was pulling behind them. A few more minutes of dazed walking later, the two of them reached the correct address. It was odd. Normally whenever he was here, which was quite often, Sherman never had a clear goal in mind. But, he had matters to attend to on this particular visit. So, without waiting any longer, Jones raised an avid-gloved hand to the door, and knocked loudly.
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"Ahh, the Royal Bethlehem Hotel. The perfect get away when life was a little too much." Daniel relaxed into the leather couch cushions and absorbed the scene around him. The serenity of the fountain complimented the screams of men who claimed their heads were on fire marvelously. But of course they weren’t really in any danger. That would crazy.
Men with burning craniums were much calmer.
After some contemplation, he rose from his seat. He walked a slow stride across the red plush carpet, white suit shining under the golden chandeliers. He had flagged down the Manager earlier, and after a few minutes of talking about singing vegetables he managed to learn that this room was not, in fact, the trap of some irate devils. Instead it was a dinner party of queer and unique individuals.
“Darling is working late, business is handled, and the game is turning slow today.” The perfect opportunity. Naturally a gift was in order. Hopefully they enjoy First Sporing. He found it quite appropriate regarding the surroundings.
Straightening his mask and making sure his mustache was secure, Daniel arrived at the door to see another guest and his servant knocking
“Lovely evening isn’t it?” he said with a smile.

(Note- I use parenthesis for OOC and italics for character thoughts. Also, I am greatly looking forward to conversing with such an interesting assortment of individuals.)
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Sherman jumped at the sound of a stranger’s voice. Whirling around, the first thing that struck Jones was the man’s mustache. It was truly marvelous. Nothing like his burnt excuse for facial hair. Realizing that he hasn’t spoken yet, Jones exclaimed “It is quite the night, isn’t it? Whenever I realized the date for this little party was today, I almost leapt out of my stockings! Isn’t that right, Duncan? Oh, but it is good to see another guest! Especially one with such a fine mustache. See, mine here is singed around the edges, and just won’t grow back for-” A small grunt from Duncan interrupted the babble of words stemming from Sherman’s lips. “Oh, but I’m being rude. Sherman Jones, a pleasure to meet you!” With that, he extended his right hand, removing the glove in the process. But, escaping his attention was the trickle of blood beginning to flow from the corners of his eyes.

Daniel grinned and takes his hand for a hearty shake.
“Nonsense my good man, literati such as your self need not hide behind his facial hair. Tissue?” he asked as he pulled out a scrap of silk from his coat.
“The Masked Gentleman, at your pleasure. Have we met at one of the Duchess’s salons I wonder?” Oh dear. Singed stubble and goggles could indicate a scholar in infernal rarefactions, but bleeding eyes is either a medical disorder or intense cryptophilology.
“It’s a pleasure to know that this evening’s conversation will be rather erudite. A pleasure to meet you as well sir,” he said towards Duncan “No doubt this man is lucky to have you!”
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“Thank you kindly, my good man!” Sherman said, taking the scrap of silk and wiping his forehead, oblivious to the blood now staining his cheeks. “As for the Duchess, I try not to spend too much time in the Palace. Your hair catches fire one time in the middle of the gardens, and suddenly everyone is all huffy. Quite disgraceful is what it is! Now, if I had a say in matters-” “Then the whole of London would be ashes by morning.” Duncan interrupted once more. “And it is an honor to meet you, sire.” He said, bowing towards the Masked Gentleman. “I have never had the honor before, but the tales of the mysterious Masked Gentleman have enraptured me so.”
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