Obtaining renoun vs favors

So I understand how to get favors but I’m stuck on trying to get renown : Society for the Shuttered palace. Is this something thats not available yet or am I missing something?

You can gain your first 5 levels of Renown for any faction, along with several Favors, from Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival. After that, you can use the relevant faction item – an Entry in Slowcake’s Exceptionals, in the case of Society – to increase Renown by spending Favors.

Note that, even though each favour conversion option has a different favour threshold (requiring higher minimums as you get further), using them will always use up all the favours you have for that faction. This is a good thing: It will give you renown for each favour, rather than just a set amount. Waiting to get 7 favours before converting will be the most efficient option in terms of both actions and favours required to increase your renown.

If you turn in your favours using a faction item, any conflict cards you have will be removed from your hand as well, which is useful.

Have you maxed out the easy Renown to 5 at the Carnival?