Obtaining Playing With Broken Toys

I really would love to start this storyline, however, my only skill below 100 is Dangerous, at 49. How do I obtain this storyline?

There are cards which trigger it all over the place. Off the top of my head, there’s definitely a couple in the Flit and the University.

There are a number of options on various cards that will start off this storyline. They’re not clearly signposted, so you’d be taking an unknown option and sudenly find yourself starting the story.
From memory, there are cards:
There’s a professor who wants to dissect Tomb-Colonists. You need to check his files or something.
There’s a barge/boat/ship that you can sneak aboard. Again, you need to rummage around and see what’s there.
There’s a Night on the Tiles card that I’m still seeing sometimes. Someone’s throwing a party on a rooftop and you should bluff your way in?
I can’t remember what the Persuasive one was (if any), but that’s three different starts.

Exceptional friends can have a bit of an easier time with the house of chimes.

Thread necrophilia… am I correct to conclude the the only way to progress from PWBT 4 to 5 is to help that father construct a toy? If so, yuck :-/.