Obsessions question

Generally, past a certain point, people choose one or two obsessions and try to maximize those while still enjoying the rest of the game and new content. I already have my tears of the bazaar for items, but of these possibilities, which sounds most interesting for Statuses?

  • Cardinal of conspiracy. (I believe this is capped at 15, i believe people have already reached said cap, so it’s not really novel.)
  • A criminal record (I know, not at Mr. eaten’s name levels of self-destructive, but will kill both constables and society connections, along with notability. still, interesting.)

Alternatively, if anyone has suggestions, I’ll add them to the list.

From those… I would go with Criminal Record, just because it sounds like the less appealing one and, therefore, fewer people would have it.

Otherwise, maybe try to grind Pocketful of Loose Change as high as you can?

Boatman’s Opponent, though it does cap. I’m mostly amused with the fact I originally did it while always failing to duel (rather than mirror jumping) and still have yet to formally die.