Numismatrix MIA?

Um, I feel like an idiot asking for help, but I’ve reached a point of confusion and befuddlement and the wikis are not especially illuminating to me. So fellow fallen brethren, would one of you tell me where I can find the Numismatrix? I’ve met her before, yet haven’t seen her around lately in my deck, and apparently I need her help in getting to the Iron Republic. Any hints would be appreciated! :(

Glad you asked this question, as I am in a similar position! I, too, would be grateful for a hint.[li]

After you have met her once and were asked to side with a faction, you need to raise a Quality called ‘Counting the Days’ (up to 14 i think). You can do this on several different opportunity cards. For example on the card of the faction you are Closest To or on some menace reduction cards. There are also some pinned storylets in wolfstack docks, the forgotten quarter or the palace where you can raise CtD (depending on who you sided with).
As soon as you’re at 14 you can draw a card called ‘Secrets and Spending’ on which you’ll be able to acquire certain items. Although be warned, it takes more than one loop through Counting the Days to get the Safe Conduct.
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edited by Martial Canterel on 4/30/2014

How far along are you in the Spending Secrets story? I think it’s all opportunity cards until you get to 4, and then it’s mostly branches on opportunity cards (those that give Counting the Days) until you counted days to 14, and then there’s another opportunity card to spend what you counted.
Opportunity cards are fickle. You might not see any progress on a given day.

I got a visit from the Numismatrix yesterday or the day before, having built up Counting the Days, so the card’s still operational provided you build up that stat.

Ah, my Counting the Days is too low - that explains a lot! Thank you for clearing it up everyone :) I seem to have consistently chosen the wrong options on opp cards for increasing it…I really must pay more attention!