number on the profession in the profile?


I looked at my alt Luke McMillan’s profile who has the profession in the Scrapbook, and for the first time I noticed a number (33) in the lower right corner.
I haven’t looked at my profiles for a while so I don’t remember if it was always like this or it has been changed recently. Anyway, I was wondering what does that number mean… any answer?

There’s the profile:

I think that is just an in game marker so that you get the correct wages every week.

oh ok! I was hoping for more interesting info :D

Thanks :)

There very well might be more interesting info, there are many mysteries in Fallen London, and that was kind of a guess on my part.

For some reason, I always thought they counted the weeks you had that quality/profession. There is a tiny number if you add your House of Chimes Admitted status to your mantelpiece, and I think that it continued to go up as long as I maintained my Exceptional Friendship.

Those numbers are just the quality level which tracks which Profession you have; it’s the same as any other quality, except the numbers aren’t normally visible because Professions are under a wordy category (Major Lateral) that just displays the quality level description rather than its number
House of Chimes Admitted is the same; the number tracks which entry option you chose, but it’s not normally visible for the same reason. It’s just a quirk of how the scrapbook works, I guess.

Yep, the quality has a different number for every profession - but it’s the same quality. Which means you could probably figure out how many professions there were in total if you had the highest number - but there could easily be levels with no profession as well. Just a mechanic.