Number of Card Slots in Polythreme

I have a lodging with five card slots. I just got to Polythreme, went through the maze and started a promenade. In the promenade, I only have three card slots. Is this an error or have the Polythreme mechanics been changed such that you only get three card slots regardless of your lodgings? Thanks.

The mechanics were redone a few months ago.

Here’e the announcement about it from January:

Perhaps I missed it but I read the announcement and did not see anything about limiting the number of cards to 3 regardless of a player’s lodging based card slots. Can anyone confirm that everyone now only gets three card slots in the Polythreme promenade?

Yes, everyone now only get three card slots in Polythreme.

edited by idyl on 5/22/2022

I used to find Polythreme impossible, but despite the three-slots only, it now seems quite manageable, so don’t despair!

Thanks. I am not despairing at all. In fact, I am routinely hitting allure or cognisance of 15 in my 11 actions. I have been paying for the first two steps but will probably back this off to only 1 and see if I can even back off to zero.