November ES: The Crocodile Who Would Be King

Another vote of joy here, for another excellent story.
I think I appreciated the FL lore, side references to real-world mythology, and sneaky inside jokes (&quotascending the great chain&quot in particular made me actually laugh out loud) about equally.

Also, I agree with others that the choice to make moving around the sewer-maze free was absolutely the right one. The one very minor quibble I have was with the search in the mirror-marches. When an ES tells me that I will &quotbe gone from London for some time&quot, I always empty my opportunity deck before departing, because why wouldn’t you? So to then find that I needed to wait for those cards to come back was a little irritating - perhaps a slight change in the wording for this kind of case, to give players a warning that cards will be required?

But overall, a delight.
edited by Tigerfort on 11/29/2021