Nothings loading in Google Chrome

Suddenly nothing is loading in London anymore:

I just recently uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, so I can’t figure out why it’s doing this now. Has anyone encountered something similar? I have the contents of Chrome’s Console if it would help.

Solomon Husher,

This might seem an odd question, but what country are you in? If you’re somewhere that blocks Amazon servers/Google - could cause the problem.

I’m in the USA. I really hope we aren’t blocking either of those.

Same Problem here: Canada; Firefox

EJ, is this also recent for you?

Yes - it was fine last evening but it’s been exactly like your photo since this morning.

[color=#009900]This is most likely an issue at our end. Anyone affected - can you drop a line to ? Thanks![/color]

Sent, thanks

Had the same problem today, but several hours later everything was fine. Aside from some missing actions there seem to be no consequences.


[color=#C2B280]This link will put things right:

The issue is caused by accessing Fallen London via HTTPS, which prevents some elements of the page from loading. We’re not sure yet what’s causing people’s browsers to attempt to connect that way. If this has happened to you, it would be extremely helpful if you could send an email to letting us know your operating system and what you did in FL immediately before it happened.[/color]