Nothing at Shuttered Palace?

Hello friends. I’ve had the Shuttered Palace route for a while now but haven’t had anything to do there. My only options are Calling in Favors and An Unusual Competition. I’m currently at Persuasive level 96. Am I missing something? I feel like I’ve missed a whole bunch but nothing’s coming up.[li]

Sounds like something’s up with your A Name Signed with a Flourish quality…

You’ll likely have to go complete some storylines back in Veilgarden first.

I thought I finished everything in there, though. Nothing new has come up.

[color=#ff00cc]That does sound odd. Could you send a bug report to, so we can take a look into it? [/color]

I am having the same problem. When I 1st got there I had a lot of options, now only &quotcalling favours&quot and &quotunusual competition&quot
edited by Mary Hinge on 9/22/2015

Did this get resolved? I’ve been having the same problem.

What’s your Name Signed with a Flourish?

This happened to me after my absence for a year. Anyways, I think you need to finish a bronze storylet in Veilgardens. A certain short story of 40 potential did the trick for me.