Notability worth it after becoming Correspondent?

Is there any point to maintaining Notability after getting one of the new professions? I’ve become a Correspondent and my Notability has begun it’s decline due to Time the Healer.

I could put the effort in to keep it at 5, but I’m just not sure it’s worth anything.

Any suggestions on why it might be worth keeping or what I can do with it before Time kills it all?
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The only thing so far, apart from professions, is that the Unsigned message gives you a chance to get a surprise package when you have Notability 1. I suppose if there are ever other uses it might be easier if you still have it so I am just gambling any MW I have when Slowcake turns up and raising my scheme to cash in if and when I need Notability.[li]
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I was wondering this exact thing, having just become a Correspondent too.

It seems there’s a currently Impossible option for career advancement requiring Notability 7, but it seems like it might be more cost efficient to just build Notability back up when that becomes available than to spend potentially months trying to keep it at 5 and expending a lot of echoes/connections on cashing in Salon schemes etc. I think I will just let my Notability lapse (and keep raising my scheme like reveurciel) for the moment.[li]
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I think I’ll just try the test if I happen to get the Amanuensis card, no matter the difficulty, and just playing as normal, keeping Society connection high enough to fuel my Scheme: A Salon for future use. I had used the Bohemians/Stolen Kisses until now, but as a Midnighter Favours in High places come weekly and at Court there are a couple of tasty Society-increasing storylets that yield some item rewards too (Someone else’s scandal and Tea at Court).

I’m planning on keeping it at 4/5 until the Unsigned Letter comes by. Then I can cash it in for a stat boost.

[quote=Playersideblog]I’m planning on keeping it at 4/5 until the Unsigned Letter comes by. Then I can cash it in for a stat boost.[/quote]I’m not even PoSI, so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I read both here on the forums and in the wikia that only the Author (and other professions in that tier) get those stat boosts. Unless I’m mistaken?

No, you are not. Midnighters, Crooked-Crosses and company can’t do that.

Oh, that’s a bummer. I’d forgotten that. Well harrumph. Whatever shall I do with my Notability now?

You can always try for the surprise package, but I’d say that’s not really worth it. It definitely seems to be a better idea to just let it drain and slowly build up your resources for when the next tier appears.