Non-Steam purchase?


I find this game really interesting, but I want to know if it can be purchased directly from you, or will be available after completion on GOG. I don’t want to make a Steam account and I prefer to purchase the games directly from developers or from GOG.

[color=#C2B280]Hello! You can get it from us by using the Humble Widget on our site. We’d like to sell it on GOG as well, but they don’t allow early access games yet. So that probably won’t happen until December.[/color]

That’s cool. When I saw &quotGet your Steam Key Instantly!&quot in the Humble Widget I thought it still requires a Steam account. Thanks!
edited by gunman on 10/7/2014

I have trouble downloading since version update. Trying the direct download results in download errors towards the end of download and with the torrent it gets stuck at 99.8% (connecting to peers)

[color=#3399CC]If you could contact support via: I’d be happy to look into the issue and see if we can get it resolved for you :).[/color]