Noman's Friend Loss data

To help refine my noman guide for next year, I would like to collect a large pool of data regarding nomans friend loss with regards to time the healer.

How you can help: if you have a noman, please post your value of nomans friend loss here each time time the healer arrives for you. Please also note the date when your time occurred as I suspect the losses increase over time. Thank you for participating, your efforts are helping to build a better future of informed neathy citizens :-)

This is a much better idea than a simple post of “it would be nice”. You have my props and my data.

I had TTH arrive today but didn’t lose any Noman’s Friend. Which ironically is too bad, because I’m trying to kill mine rapidly. (I’m down to 21 already, but all from the “Listen” option on Noman’s Progress.

I, too, just got TtH, but my Noman’s Friend is still 100.

As I unwittingly just posted in the other thread, ThT happened today at about 3:30 PST, and included no loss of Noman’s Friend.

Why would anyone want to murder it as soon as possible ? The poor thing.

Oh, that’s what I’m doing. I brought my Noman to life only to kill it. By seeing what happens when you make your Noman take your place on the boat.

TtH at 8.1.2106 11.37 CET/MEZ.
[color=#0033ff]No loss[/color] of Noman’s Friend.

So I’ve just done that. Nothing interesting. The Require it to take your place appears to be either retired or have other requirements that I don’t have.

ETA: Oh bugger. Didn’t realise I needed ToL
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I’m doing it for the quirks – they’re much harder to come by in the range that the Noman’s death provides, compared to the rarity of an Elemental Secret. And face it, the rest of you are either stuffing a Noman so it’ll burst in a shower of 312.5 Echo riches like an Oaxacan treasure pot, or keeping it on extended life support so you can get a tattoo. (Maybe some fearless grinder out there is trying to keep it alive indefinitely – if so, I salute your tearful grindiness.) A Noman’s not Olaf the snowman from Frozen; there’s no Snow Queen to create an eternal snow-cloud over its head, there’s no happy ending. Let the slaughter of the Nomen continue. Only 6 to go.
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I can see why people say the Noman’s story is heartbreaking.
I didn’t realize there were that many ways to get an Elemental Secret… I thought it was super rare. More than Tears of the Bazaar or a Coruscating Soul at least.

It is super rare; there are only a few ways to get them, maybe half a dozen if you include Exceptional Stories. But raising certain quirks between 10 and 12 is rarer still – as in, one time a year only, can’t even get with Fate purchases kind of rare.

Oh, I see.

Okay, just got TTH 54 minutes ago and lost 38 Noman’s Friend.

Time, The Healer just came for me and I lost 33 Noman’s Friend.

TTH just ate 28 per cent of my Noman.
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Time, the Healer came for me around 10:50 EET (08:50 UTC) and I didn’t lose any Noman’s Friend. Judging from the various reports above, it appears that there was a moratorium of sorts until at least noon UTC today, possibly later.

Also, I think I’ve just reported someone by mistake. Apologies…

Time, the Healer just came for me and was extremely vicious:

[quote]You’ve lost 44 x Noman’s Friend[/quote]By UTC, TtH arrived at approximately 1:00 AM on the 9th of January.
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mine was “2 days ago” with 0 loss.

My alt got a visit from TtH two hours ago and lost 24 Noman’s friends.