No Well of the Wolf

I’ve explored every single piece of Albion now and haven’t found the Well of the Wolf. What I did find, though, was two instances of The Storm That Speaks. Anybody else have this happen?

I started playing two days before the official release, but didn’t get to Albion until after the Blue Kingdom update, if that matters.

Huh. I’ve been searching for the Well myself and only have a few places to seek left, so far no success.

I’ve also encountered the Storm that Speaks twice. I thought the storm was a general type of a phenomenon, but this got me slightly worried. If it is indeed a bug, you might not be the only one affected.

For the record, I started playing immediately after the full release.

I don’t know if it’s just not spawning for you, but I’ve always found it near the Floating Parliament area, closer to the Tower of Chimes than the Parliament itself. I don’t know if you’ve already explored that area thoroughly, though.

Wow. Okay. Just found it. Boy do I feel dumb–it was about a minute’s journey away from London.

I must have flown right past it multiple times. Guess it just goes to show, when it comes to Albion–keep looking.