No Time, the Healer?

My recently created alt, Melissa Edgecombe, does not seem to be receiving Time, the Healer. It has been about 10 days since I made the account and TtH has not occurred at all. It works properly on my main, so I assume that this is a bug and I just want to see what other people think before I report it.

I’d submit a bug report. I don’t think TtH is contingent on achieving any milestone as a new character and any of the plausible milestones would surely have taken you less than 3 days anyways.

Have you choosen a profession at your lodgings? I would not be surprised if that is the trigger for TTH. If the bug report hasn’t brought results, you might want to try that.
edited by Grenem on 9/19/2016

I do have a profession, Pickpocket. The main reason I’m a bit peeved about this is that I really need some skill boosts in Shadowy as it’s 16 levels lower than my next lowest skill. I can’t even get Patron lessons either because I don’t have any Free Evenings yet.

If your alt is okay with a MW and C: Society loss, you could always do some suspicious loitering. Second chances tend to be the best way of grinding stats.

Ah, I’ve just received Time, the Healer so it looks like the bug report has got through. Thanks for your suggestions.