No more Blue Scintillack in the Iron Republic?

Started a new game (my first since launch - the inability to progress on Hands with my original game meant I decided it was time). Headed down to the Iron Republic to try to pick this up, but Day 16 is not appearing for me - I go round from 15 back to 1, so no option for the ‘special’ port report. What have I missed/forgotten?


It is Day 15 when you get the London Report to give to the Brass Embassy.

Even more oddly, my blue scintillack disappeared following a content update.

Hmm. There was no such option on Day 15 :-(.

It’s tricky as you can only get one if you don’t have an Iron Republic Report and if you play the shop option you can completely miss the chance to get Day 15.

You can take advantage once you know how it works as long as you don’t use the shop option. Just pick up the London report and the option will still be there when you return to the Iron Republic

edited by reveurciel on 1/23/2015