No FL account linking?

How do I authenticate? Or I simply cannot?
If so, for what reason was this function not introduced?

Also, what about Mask of the Rose? I haven’t bought it yet. Does it have said authentication feature?

I am obsessed with all these metaqualities for some reason, even if they are long past due — vestiges of ideas that arose more than a decade ago. I even completed The Silver Tree for these neat Gleam/Gloom, and a few traits given for a specific ending (I got The Herald and The Echo). And I am going to do that again…

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For account linking, do you mean with social media… or, is it the Sunless Sea feature?

Metaqualities were axed a couple years back. They’re a remnant of Storynexus and experiments like the account linking in Sunless Sea. AFAIK Mask of the Rose and Sunless Skies don’t have any of that connectivity.

Why start typing an answer without reading at least the second word in the title…

Please don’t be rude to people who are trying to help you.


Oh boy, I sure am glad I responded to a guy who kept bumping his own thread and then acted like I was the ridiculous one for asking a basic question. I was trying to ascertain the exact question, but sure.

They weren’t introduced because meta qualities aren’t used anymore. Storynexus is dead. There’s no connectivity because they don’t feel like doing it anymore. No greater meaning, just that they don’t feel like bothering.

Sure am glad I answered your question twice.

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why are you doing this?

needless to say, the content of your answers was in a certain sense already expressed in the third post of the thread…

No authentication features were implemented after Sunless Sea. Sunless Skies and Mask of the Rose do not have this feature.

I was asking about social media, because you can link your FL account with other services to sign in. I was double checking before I gave you the answer I thought you were asking for.

The whole point of the linking in Sunless Sea was metaqualities and they are no longer being used. They were previously used for Storynexus and a small bonus from FL to Sunless Sea. Because they are no longer being used, linking had no point, so they didn’t implement it in their games after that.

I am tired. I apologise for the shortness of my response earlier, but I’ve been dealing with a lot of snark like your first response for the past while. No “thank you,” just “why did you even reply” without acknowledging the answer I provided. It’s not helpful to respond like that and it set me off.

what makes you justify yourself so lengthly to a stranger on the Internet? why did you rewrite your answer several times, even though no one has asked you to do it?

I believe you said “why are you doing this?”

eronel, please stop antagonising other forum users - especially when they’re trying to answer your questions.


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