No Exit: Heist edition

This is the weirdest run of luck I’ve had in this game yet. Ordinarily, when I’m heisting, as soon as I hit 5 burgler’s progress, the very next card I flip is the exit. This is sometimes frustrating if I’m trying to get to 7, but hey, not too bad. Every now and then, it takes a second flip before I see the exit card.
I am now 7 cards deep since reaching BP5 without drawing an exit. (I’m here for Touching Love Stories, so I didn’t need to get to 7.) I am out of Inside Information and I am trading on Dreaded and Connection: Duchess to not get arrested. I’m not sure what the odds of this are but I suspect they’re pretty darn low. Wish me luck.
edited by MadmanAtW on 2/12/2015

I shall disembowel a goat in offering to the RNG and pray that it sees fit to release you from your heisty prison.

You are a gentleperson and a scholar.

I think I counted there were around 10 cards with normal frequency in the deck and the goal card is ubiquitous, so it should be a 50/50 chance of drawing it each draw, or something close to that.

Once I got the bugler’s to 15 until I got the golden card. I thought I was trapped but it was just rotten luck.