No enemies

Please excuse this if someone else has had the same problem and already asked.

This is my second captain, the first one died (as is usual i believe). The first one encountered enemies at least semi-regularly, but this second captain has not encountered a single enemy in the entire time he has sailed the zee. I have had him go north, all the way to the east, all the way south, back west, and finally back to fallen london, at least twice, not to mention many more trips all across the zee. I’ve cleared maybe 2/3 of the map, and not ONCE have i seen a single enemy, not one.

I can understand perhaps enemies being less common, but this is silly. I remember pirates, the crab critters, a jellyfish thing or two, all of them multiple times, sometimes multiple per trip, but the second captain has not seen a single enemy at all. Has anyone else had this happen, or am i an outlier?

That sounds like a bug all right. It’s theoretically possible that enemies might never spawn in locations where you’d see them on screen, but it’s incredibly unlikely. You could contact Failbetter at for help.