No ambient Sounds when docked in port

When playing Sunless Sea’s, after the music had finished and you were docked in a port, the ambient sounds of flowing water and crashing waves provided a much-needed sense of realism and made the game that much more immersive. However, much to its detriment, Sunless Skies has no such ambient background noise and once the music has finished its loop, docking in a port and browsing the stories/options is always done so in silence. I certainly understand that such aspects are not of paramount importance during development, but I believe adding such ambient sounds/noises outside of the music when in port would break the monotonous silence that impedes the enjoyment of browsing and reading when docked.
edited by Strydom on 5/17/2018

I could imagine how that would be kind of uncomfortable. Being that the game takes place in an infinite sky with winds and all, they could just put in a quiet set of breezes and gusts for some background sound and it would be satisfactory.
edited by Lord Alexander Alderman on 5/17/2018