Nightmare's Strength and Khaganian Suspicion

I’ve been playing for a while and I have managed to rack up 23 Nightmare’s Strength and the full 25 in Khaganian Suspicion.

Currently, these feel like weights that are impossible to get out from under. Is this intentional or is this just a side effect of early development?

For Nightmare’s Strength
As it stands, I only seem to have a very occasional Nightmare (which I assume will change as development progresses.) I just saw a new option at the Chapel of Lights that will reduce this, but I doubt it will reduce it very far.

For Khaganian Suspicion
I know that you bribe your way to &quotfreedom&quot, but from what I can tell, there is no way that this is worth it. I believe that it currently costs 2000 echoes (Give 250 echos worth of Coffee 8 times) to get -3 Khaganian Suspicion. In addition to the fact that this will take forever (with the starting boat), there is no way that it is worth it (based on current options.)

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Well I think that hunting the Kahn’s boats then letting them go reduces suspicion. You might want to try that. Also Lifebergs drop those pearls you can use to reduce suspicion as well sometimes. They also occasionally drop coffee.

Can’t help with Nightmares

For Suspicion -
get Pewter Horsehead’s from siding with the Khaganians during an event at Gaider’s Mourn

Beat Khanate War Trimaran’s and let them go.

Give Moonpearls to get Taiman Favour (can be found on Mutton Island or as one of the possible rewards from looting the pirates in Gaider’s Mourn and killing some beasties) when that is high enough you can trade it for the Leopard’s favour or, if you have a spare Strategic Information use that to reduce suspicion.

Coffee can be found at Station III or looting Gaider Mourn pirates/killing beasties
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On fighting nightmares:

  • Don’t go back to London with more than 50 terror
  • Increase your hearts to beat the nightmare challenges
  • Increase other stats if you need to do other challenges (Dunno if higher nightmare’s strength gives new challenges)
    -Make long tours so you can confront the nightmare at least once per trip
    -good luck!

Nightmares are a drag, take them seriously and do as lord1box says, otherwise you’ll end up like me: butchering your crew on every trip because your Nightmare’s strengt is somewhere past 70 and your chances are between 1% and 2% to everything on the card turning it to instant insanity/mutiny.

Oh and keep away from the Chapel and it’s &quottoo good to be true&quot-options… a lot of candles and a well are never good signs down here.