Niggling Issues

Yeah, I imagine once proper trading and more features are implemented it won’t be a huge deal investing a little bit into the bat. I’m already mostly living with it (though things are fairly tight).

Yeah, kind of feel like the bat should be free like it was in Seas, or come up with some other in-story penalty for using him, like maybe an upgrade system that lowers the cooldown.

It just feels really strange that I only feed the thing when it’s not on my ship. Also, it would discourage me from using the bat because it apparently costs as much to send out as it does to feed my crew.

(Also my posting is apparently acting weird, I hope this shows up as something other than a blank post…)

In regards to the somewhat barren nature of the game, the devs have mentioned additions that will help fill the gaps between ports, possibly akin to the underwater curios from Sunless Sea (although that’s mostly speculation on my part).

In my experience, Failbetter have been quite good at integrating fan feedback into their final products. I’m inclined to believe that gathering said feedback is one of the primary purposes of its early access.

Also, the bat seems quite rude. I do feed it, after all.

[color=#6666ff]This is indeed the truth. I’ve been gathering all the feedback that we’ve received via email and across three forums. It’s a mammoth task and it will be an ongoing one throughout development. Our devs, designers, writers and artists will all be using it to guide the changes we make. [/color]
[color=#6666ff]And all feedback from this thread has now been collected[/color]

[color=#6666ff]You know, I’d be a little grumpy too if you forced me to go out into the cold of space. ;)[/color]