Nice song

I found that these lyrics (from the comic and the sidebar) fit well to this song; in fact, given the similarity in them (girls of X x X) and that they’re both sailing songs, I wonder if the lyrics were based on this very song?

Oh gather round me bully boys And I’ll zing you a zong Of the windless waveless sunless Zee Where the mouldy drownies throng Here’s to the girls of Mr Veils Here’s to their golden locks Here’s to a fight in the moonish light Under the Wolfstack docks. Some dream of sun and rain and sky And the true wind in their zails Us Neathy tars won’t swap the stars For the girls of Mr Veils!

Stan Rogers - Rolling Down To Old Maui

edited by AllenY on 5/24/2018

I found a correspondence for a quite different song: the one the rats sing about the mountains of cheese. I am not sure if it’s deliberate or not, but it definitely scans to this old tune (written in 1877, but the recording I provide was done later):

Abdul Abulbul Amir
edited by Eadweard Zenobia on 6/13/2018