Is it worth buying and spending on this game? I am sorely tempted; I am an impatient individual.

I certainly have not regretted the money I spent. Mind you, adding up all the exclusive storylines can get a little pricey, so feel free to look at the Fate-locked Content thread to see if there’s anything in particular you want to prioritize (I would especially recommend The Soul Trade and Exceptional Friendship as best, though A Trade in Faces is also pretty tops.)

Definitely worth it for some of the extra stories and if you are an impatient sort Exceptional friendship gives you two candles so you have more actions to play with.

If you’re early on in the game, I think becoming an Exceptional Friend is pretty essential to keeping the flow going a bit better, and not losing interest (unless you’re happy to be making visitations regularly throughout the day). I don’t think I’ve ever paid to refresh actions though, it just seems too expensive.

I really like the Nex-locked content I’ve played through. I’ve yet to purchase actions or to refill my deck, but the content itself is definitely worth it.

I’ve enjoyed the additional stories I’ve unlocked with Nex/Fate and I would highly recommend it’s use to that end but it’s difficult to speed up your progress with it. A single chunk of additional actions doesn’t go very far, especially once you hit the more grindy late game content, so the option to buy extra actions probably won’t help much.

Your best bet is probably Exceptional Friendship, which is nice to do at least once anyway to gain access to the House of Chimes stories. It gives you an extra candle which means that while you still only gain 1 action per 10 minutes you can store double the number of actions that you normally could. Over the course of a month this adds up to a lot of extra actions at your disposal, especially if you aren’t logging in and using up your actions on a regular basis. You won’t see a sudden giant boost in your progress with this option but it adds up over time.

These look like early days for you.
I’d go with Exceptional Friendship to get more out of the stories currently available for you.

I’ve done a lot of the early fate content and had exceptional friendship for two months.

I wish I’d done the Soul Trade and Daughter storylines as soon as I was high enough level. I waited a bit too long and they were still fun but trivial.

The Face Tailor is definitely interesting. The Rubbery Murders less so… that’s the only fate storyline I didn’t really feel was worth it.

I kind of regret not picking up the devil companion who is available SUPER early during the loquacious vicar intro storyline in Ladybones Road. You may be done with that already. It’s the only early fate content I skipped, and I didn’t realize it was a one-time-only chance (though I believe those companions will also be available at other times of the year, augh I want to SEE what they’re LIKE.)

Those companions are available all year long if you have a Sanctum! Not sure if they have cards, though, so you might not be missing out on much? They aren’t spouse options quite yet.

I played for a long time without purchasing Nex, and my interest would wane once in a while simply because of the speed of gameplay.

For that alone, i feel like Exceptional friendship is completely worth it on it’s own, with House of Chimes Access and the extra actions candle.