Nex purchase amounts


When I purchase Nex, I’m offered specific amounts: 4, 10, 45, 100, 130 or 280 Nex.

Are these amounts always the same, or do they depend on my currency / current exchange rates / phase of the moon? (“Always” in the sense of “unless you decide to change it”, of course - I’m not suggesting they’d be guaranteed for all time.)

Reason for asking: I’d had something priced at 5 Nex. But as a brand-new player, I’d be pretty irritated if I then clicked through and discovered the cheapest buying option left me 1 Nex short. So I’ve re-valued it to 4 Nex, which feels a lot more satisfactory.


It’s billed either In US $ or local currency (For me, NOK), based on the 3rd party offering the transaction, I think.
I expect the companies have prettier amounts of cash like 2 $, 4 £, 6 €? Thereby the conversation means you have to be lucky to get a neat amount of Nex.

In Norway I can also get 15, 40, 81, 140 and 186 through Boku - Pay by Mobile.

The prices in GBP are obscure amounts (62p, £1.54, and so on), but they are round sums in USD. 62p is US$1, for example.

And ah yes, you’re right - if I delve a bit deeper into the options, I can also pay by mobile. In that case the fees are round numbers (£2.50, £5 etc.) and the Nex are strange amounts.

But it’s only the initial experience I’m really concerned about… what you see immediately after you press the “buy” button. I want that to seem well-thought-out and fair.