Nex is becoming Fate at the end of May

[color=#0066ff]Hello delicious ones![/color]
[color=#0066ff]I’m here to give notice of an upcoming cosmetic change to Fallen London: Nex is being retired as a currency name at the end of May.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]We’ve had a lot of feedback over the years that the number of currencies in Fallen London is pretty daunting. We’re hoping that this change will simplify things for people, especially new players.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]What does this mean?[/color]

  • [color=#0066ff]All Nex in Fallen London will become Fate[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]The Nex/Fate you’ve personally accrued in Fallen London will become a single total, called Fate[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]You will be able to use Fate as you’d use Nex; it will be worth the same[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]In all other StoryNexus worlds, Nex is now retired - meaning they are totally free![/color]

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Ha, I was actually wondering a little while back whether Nex was going to end up being called Fate again. That’s a funny little coincidence.

I doubt the authors of other worlds rejoice at that…

[color=#0066ff]We’ve been discussing it with them for some months, and I believe we’ve reached an accord with all world authors who would be noticeably affected by it. :)[/color]

[quote=Hannah Flynn][ul][li][color=#0066ff]In all other StoryNexus worlds, Nex is now retired - meaning they are totally free![/color][/quote][/li][/ul]Will we still be able to use Fate for action refreshes in other Storynexus worlds?

Wait, does that mean that the Silver Tree will be free to play? All of its content?

That might tempt me for a second run, certainly.

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[color=#0066ff]You won’t have to; all other StoryNexus worlds will have an action cap of 1,000 per day, refreshing at a rate of 1 per minute. [/color]

[color=#0066ff]Yep! The Nex-locked storylines in the Silver Tree will become free.[/color]

A question of paramount importance:

Can we once again tilt the world on its axis, very slightly?

This is pretty big. What if the owners of the world wanted to limit actions for balance issues? I know in some worlds such capless cap would totally ruin immersion (FL for example!).
It is a little sad to see FB pulling the plug on StoryNexus with NEX removal and all. I know it was kind of put on a shelf a while ago for commercial reasons, but I still think it was a nice idea, to have an additional accessible game-making engine for text-based games, for everyone. Now the future looks bleak for them.

Personally, for my game ()now the biggest on StoryNexus after FL itself, albeit still not yet published) I’m going to keep the action cap, and I’d strongly recommend that other authors do likewise. The reason is that without it, the only reason for a player to stop playing is that they’re bored, and you really don’t want that! It’s much better to keep them wanting more.

In the original announcement about this, it was said that this will be possible:

[color=#e53e00]StoryNexus isn’t going anywhere. Just the Nex aspect. Fear not. [/color]

I’m very glad to hear the action cap is going away :] - having content given out only in dollops tended to make me try something once and then never go back, especially with grinding. (I’m still sad that I neglected to play black crown past the intro because I forgot about it) [li]

Does this include Below? I’ve always been unclear on how “official” it is.

I am a little disappointed. I just bought 200 Nex last month thinking it could get me exceptional friendship for quite some time. I am sure there was notice of the change somewhere, but I missed it. :(

It is here.

However, as per this post, mail about this by the end of the month and they’ll take care of you at 35 Nex/month.
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[color=#009900]It does include Below. Below is 0% &quotofficial&quot: we let Chris keep running it as a side project, and he doesn’t work on it in Failbetter time.[/color]

Oh my goodness.

All the rats I’ll be able to send!

Will this affect how extending Exceptional Friendship works? I have a pretty big stockpile of Nex just to renew every month.

Exceptional Friendship will not be renewable with the ingame currency. If that Nex was purchased prior to the end of April you’ll want to send an email in soon to convert it into Exceptional Friendship.

[quote=Alexis Kennedy]Candidly, we didn’t think there was that much stockpiling of Nex! And there are always plenty of other things to spend Nex on; and there will be more. But we always prefer to do the right thing, so:

If you had purchased Nex in bulk before the end of April, mail us ( and we’ll purchase up to 12 months of EF with it, at a 35 Nex a month.

We’ll keep doing this until end May, and we’ll let existing EFs know in an email update.


Thank you so much for giving us [color=#33cccc]1000/color actions and access to all that nex-locked content![li] (since I did shriek, very softly, but still out loud, I felt the need to come back and augment that number somehow.)[/li][li]Actually, the action pool just doesn’t drop. I’m so happy. (and Winterstrike is still so great)[/li][li]
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