Newbie question: Legacy

I am a newbie captain and am wondering about Legacy. When my captain dies, I am told the next can inherit for example half of my Veils value. However, when I start again, the new captain has again the same stat of Veils, 25 (unless I choose a certain past). What’s up with this? What have I missed? ::

Hmm, this is an odd one. There’s always of course the possibility that it could be a bug. However, I think that you may only inherit half of the veils that you have obtained past the base of 25 or so. So, if the captain before did not increase his veils past 25, then the captain after would have no benefit from the legacy. Not sure if that’s how it works. Another person who knows more about the actual inner machinations of the game could probably help you more. By the way nice emoticon usage.

If you choose the Veils legacy, you start your next captain with your dead captain’s BASE Veils divided by two, or with 25 veils, whichever’s higher

Oh, thanks for the help! I think last time my Veils were at 47, which is lower than 50, so this is logical. Forward again…