Newbie Lodgings Question

I’ve only (a) recently discovered the game and (b) have only been playing a few weeks. I’ve been trying not to Google things because I want to discover them on my own. But am I doing something wrong re: my lodgings? Right after I got out of prison, I went through some dialogues and rented a room in (I think) Ladybones Road. When I travel to my lodgings, I click &quotTravel,&quot go to the map, click the house/lodgings icon in the lower right, and am taken to a screen that says &quotWelcome to Your Lodgings, delicious friend!&quot Yet, the only options it ever gives me are:

  • Learn more about the candidates[/li][li]The Mayoral Election 1989[/li][li]Electoral Opportunism[/li][li]FIND NEW STORIES: Chat with the Local Gossip

Where are things like &quotsleep/rest,&quot &quotheal wounds,&quot and the like? The game seems to hint at me that there are all of these various things that can only be done in &quotMy Lodgings,&quot but the options never show up.

…for example, I got an opportunity card which told me that I needed to choose a profession. When I clicked on the card, it told me that i already had a profession (apparently I am a &quotTough,&quot), but &quot If you ever want to adopt another profession, you’ll need to give up your current one at your lodgings.&quot Where is this option? I don’t see any &quotChange your profession&quot option when I go to my lodgings. The &quotchoose a profession&quot opportunity card showed many different professions, but they were all greyed out because I apparently already have a profession.
edited by robb8888 on 7/17/2020

You actually have three instances of your lodgings. The stuff you seek should be in “Your Social Engagements”, two symbols left from your lodgings. Back when this text was written, all of that was simply in “Your lodgings”.