Newb questions: grinding for Whispered Hints

Good day. I am relatively new to the Neath (made one account a few years ago, got maybe 30 or 40 in highest attribute, abandoned the game). Now I have returned and I have questions. I’d like to purchase lodgins at the Bazaar, and do it before Hallowmas. The best way I can think of is to catch 2000 white cats in alleys of Spite. It should be doable, but maybe someone knows better ways to earn Whishpered Hints than 36 per action and/or earn more than 72 pences per action with character whose every stat is below 10 at the moment (of course I would level up quickly, but not quickly enogh for challenges requiring 60+ in attribute).
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edited by Borjigin on 9/30/2017

Sounds like a challenge.

There are two ways to get Premises at the Bazaar. The first is to buy it direct from Penstock’s with 80,000 whispered hints. The second, probably cheaper route is to buy it in the Bazaar Sidestreets as a PoSI with Bazaar Permits, but there’s little to no chance of that being possible by Hallowmas.

Assuming you’re not an Exceptional Friend, you’ll have 20 actions per candle. That would mean 100 candles’ worth of actions, or 20,000 minutes of recharging – pretty much 14 consecutive days. But I’m guessing you also want to be able to sleep, so it’d be more like roughly 28 days if you spent twelve hours per day catching cats.

If you have Rostygold, Jade, or I think Amber(?) sitting around, and have access to the Labyrinth of Tigers, you can trade 1000 of a single resource for 1100 Whispered Hints, but that’s most likely a ways off, and it’s doubtful you have 1000 of those resources just sitting around…

For efficient ways of grinding: Once your Persuasive’s a decent amount, you can do The Demands of High Society in Veilgarden, which’ll net you 54 per action. That said, with only 30 to 40 stats, it’d be quite unreliable and probably take longer than cat-catching.

It’s also advisable to cash in all of your favours when possible in the Shuttered Palace, Wolfstack Docks, Forgotten Quarter, or (via opportunity card) Flit, as they will usually be worth a considerable amount.

Sorry for all the caveats and uncertainties, early-game grind material isn’t terribly well-documented.

Thanks, it’s mostly as I thought. I thought about cheaper rout but all cheap routes for 4-cards lodgings require additional conditions. At least with action limit mechanic I can spend very little time on the grind itself (log in, burn through actions in 3 minutes, leave for 3 hours, rinse, repeat), so it would not interfere with anything.

Boost your Watchful to 80, after that
Or as was said Persuasive to 90 and

Boost stats via social actions with alt. Persuasive is probably easier to boost.
Do not forget that you need to progress respective Making Your Name storyline.

9 cups of coffee
Persuasive Hat

Sell diamond or other materials and buy cheap Persuasive armor (0.5 Echo) and Magician gloves
Optional: Find Patron. Pick Tier1 Profession.
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Asking for dinners/coffee is very useful, actually, as the trade in of 5 Confident Smiles will go quite a long way at the levels you’re at (I’m currently not in London proper, so I’m no help) You can also get a patron to increase your stats.