New World MMO (setting vaguely similar to FL)

Today Amazon Game Studios announced 3 upcoming games including New World, an MMO set in a 17th-century version of history where myth and legend are real. From this brief trailer, which is more or less all the info on the game there is at the moment unfortunately (even less than Sunless Skies!), it seems like they are aiming for a mood not entire dissimilar to that of the Failbetter games, though obviously the gameplay will be totally different. I’m not usually an MMO person but I might check it out if it gets good reviews and the atmosphere seems suitably…weird and the lore seems suitably…un-un-ravellable so as to make playing it more than just an exercise in grinding for loot.

New World Reveal ~ Amazon Game Studios - YouTube
edited by Morgan Joylighter on 9/30/2016



When it comes to Steampunk style and flair, I’d rather dig up Arkanum again.

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I don’t have any love for MMOs either, but it’s always possible a new publisher like Amazon might manage to shake up the stains WoW formula. Black Desert Online sounds like it fixes a lot of what makes MMOs so cringeworthy, I just want interested in the content. I don’t really love the idea of FL or SS purely from a game genr point of view but ultimately if the world building is there I’ll so pretty much anything to unlock that sweet sweet writing content.

Only MMORPG I could think of was Granado Espada, a korean based game? Heard it flopped though.