New Version Released?

Last night, both the &quotGet new stories&quot button and news feed showed &quotCannot connect to server&quot. I reinstalled using a fresh installer from GOG (v. Now the news feed is back, but the &quotGet new stories&quot button says I need the latest version.

Has a new update been pushed out? My current save is unplayable without the updated story data (my ship is floating in a void).

I’d appreciate any help I can get.

There is no update. The Failbetter servers were down last night, so the re-install wasn’t strictly necessary. No idea why it asks you to update again though - I suggest contacting support!
edited by phryne on 9/14/2016

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve e-mailed support.

Okay, I feel like a bloody idiot right now. I forgot I had to re-authenticate my fresh install before any of the story updates would download. Did that and everything fell right into place.

Gah, right in front of face… Now to cancel my support ticket. So embarrassed…