New Update corrupted my save game?

This isn’t apaprently the same problem as the post below. When I started Steam up I saw that it was downloading a sizeable update for Sunless Sea (10/4 at about 5:00 pm) that I don’t find any recent notes for. I played a bit of the game, all was well until I docked into port at Fallen London and then tried to submit my port reports. It gives me an error regarding ‘cannot restore backup’ and a message to contact Failbetter with the error. Then it crashes. Any game I start now crashes whenever the game tries to do an autosave. Any help?

As it said, contact Failbetter with the error (

Thank you, phryne. I did just that.

Perhaps try uninstalling the game and then reinstalling? I don’t think that removes the game files (including saves) but you might want to make copies of them just in case.

[color=#c2c2c2]I’ve already verified the downloaded files with Steam. FB got back to me, it is a corrupted save file. I will try to restore it from a backup file. Hopefully I haven’t experimented too much in examining the error and can save my game. 14th captain and finally I’ve been able to get into the mid/late game.[/color]
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