New Unique Player Ships?

I love my Leucothea-class Steam Yacht. It’s got nice stat bonuses, a tasteful design and a good bit of durability for something allegedly designed for non-combatants. I loved the story and effort I had to go through to getting the deed to that steam yacht.

So I was wondering, besides the Yacht and the backer-exclusive Cladery Heart, will any more unique ships that the player could acquire from completing quests be added in future updates?

I imagine they plan to, we will apparently need a living ship to zail up past Adam’s way, and plenty of new islands and content for established ports is still on the way, more ships are sure to come with some of them.

I do believe it would be a dreadful waste of potential if the only ships that were allowed on the ocean were london based (or ostensibly london loyalty), the idea of having the options for working for any of the factions within the sunless sea holds a certain appeal for a number of people, myself amongst them. There’s also potential for setting up a number of interesting encounters with ships of unknown name and nature.

What escapes me however, is Adams way, never found it, Found adams doom, but I suspect it’s different. Anyone have details?

Adam’s Way is on the Southern Coast, not much to do there yet but the shop at the nearby Port (Apis Meet) is quite useful.

Thank you for that :)

I’m really hoping for some sort of living ship from Polythreme, a Devil-made frigate from the Iron Republic, and of course some sort of ingame interpretation to the three upgraded ships available in Fallen London

(and if I could do some blue sky thinking here, maybe a mushroom infected ship off the Uttershroom?..)
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The story i’m working on at the moment has a polythremian dreadnought with a few alarming tendencies to it, as for the uttershroom contingent, Tyranids anyone?

Since Unclear Devices were made useful in Sunless Sea I’ve been wondering if there could be a ship that might take advantage of the darkness mechanic instead of being hampered by it. Something like if you helped the Revolutionaries spread their cause throughout the Zee you’ll get a hypothetical &quotNyx-Class&quot stealth ship at the Iron Republic that doesn’t get the illumination penalty in darkness and is somewhat more resistant to terror increase. Might end up a bit overpowered though.
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I’d have no problem with a ship that had no darkness penalties as long as it suffered a corresponding penalty if it was in the light to even things out, meaning that it didn’t get an unfair advantage over all the other ships. Unclear devices are a curious thing, but the only time I’ve used them was on a cut and run when I was getting mowed to pieces on two fronts, every other time hasn’t seen the justification for zeroing my own illumination.

In conjunction with Blue Scintillack it could be devastating however…