New to these waters

So I recently bought an early access from humblebundle and this game is great fun. Half the time I have no idea what I am doing and have been known to run out of fuel, be eaten by things and generally fail in phenomenal fashion.
All of that aside I finally have a game where I am on a decent run, I have received some free stuff from a blind bruiser and when I return to town, it says he wants to see me again. However the option to go and see him is missing, I can visit, Carouse and all the normal but not interact with the bruiser.
Anyone experienced this and found a fix?

On the lower right corner of the screen, the Blind Bruiser should have a tab of his own, just like your Lodgings or Fallen London while you are in port there. Click on that. If it isn’t visible, then you have some odd bug or your install somehow managed to be corrupted.

Yeah, no tab that I can see seems I have a bug. Suppose I will start a new game and see if it repeats before trying a fresh install.

Before you do that can I ask what might be a silly question. Have you actually completed his first mission? To begin with you are told he wants to talk to you but until you actually deliver those souls to Mount Palmerstone he doesn’t actually turn up again even if you get the message.

Once you have completed the second mission you don’t get the Blind Bruiser message every time you get back to London either, so it might take a few visits until you get your next commission.

Edit to add - he gives you a lot of echoes when he send you off on commissions but don’t be tempted to spend them before you leave London - you need to use them when you arrive at your destination. You get paid when you return to London.
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Also, IIRC, once you get his story going, he will find you if you ignore his tab too long, i.e., a dialogue box will pop up when you go to leave port.

Hi there in a previous play through I got the chest of souls, this time each time I dock in london it notifies a blind bruiser wants to speak to me. However I cannot see his tab to get the chest of souls, completing dead colonist missions and such, returning to London does not make that tab appear. So yes base issue, I cannot see/it does not exist, the tab to speak to him to get the chest of souls.

I could try ignoring it until a box pops up I guess…:)

For me, when I get it, it is at the very top of the sidebar almost covered by the stats and officer portraits. I think it says Welcome Back. If you can’t see it I would send in a bug report.
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Hey man, the first mission you have to give the souls, not buy them.

Yerh, Ive been looking for the mission Isle too, so far its been 3 games for about 5+ hours each… Seeing him wanting to have a word with me, with a count reaching over 15… All the fun…

The biggest problem with the Island reshuffle is how hard it is to find a specific place, perhaps they should give you an accurate clue as to where your bloody going. aI had two games with around 60-70% explored and still hand found it.

[li]it’s a known bug. they’ve got an update scheduled for later this month that should improve the directions. it was a bit wonky before shuffling was introduced, but the game’s internal compass got totally whacked with the randomization.

[li]as a stopgap, try spamming the zee-bat (key toggle &quotZ&quot). the bat has impressive range and will mark ports it has found on your chart.