New to the 'Neath

Good evening, I am Penelope Vespers in the streets of London and am seeking more acquaintances to share coffee and words with. I am intending to spread my verse and prose across all the Zee - I ever so wish to live up to the fame and grandeur levied upon my identically named Zee Captained cousin… I do wonder what happened to her.

See the Young Turks Club to find fellow novices.

– Mal

I will gladly share coffee with you, and try to share words as well- though i stand by a strict policy of no more than one RP sent before i wait for a new RP. There’s just too much to do otherwise. As my signature says, any social interaction will be accepted.

I’d say something like &quotexpect the coins shortly&quot (i’ve been sending coins to newcomers, see my signature), but… don’t. there’s been some delay, and i’m not drawing the appropriate cards. plus, there’s a wait list of 2-3 people ahead of you.