New Soldiers for Parabolan Wars


The Ushabtiu Independents – They come as a clanging host, some dressed in the finery of house servants, others in bare garbs of menial labourers, others still in armour and kit undulled by time. They are all, however, armed to the teeth. Their leader is a well-dressed young woman of slight build and a trickle of poison dripping from the corner of her mouth; how they freed themselves from their old oaths of service is a secret they keep to themselves, but they will remain loyal to you so long as you respect their autonomy.


The Brotherhood of All Colours – Knights of European folklore side by side with Persian Cataphracts, Polish Uhlans and Indian Ashvas all enter your camp in a glorious procession. But it is their colours that most catch your eye: you expected the red, white and black, but the gold and the blue are a noted novelty. They are led by the Electrum Chevalier, resplendent in gilt and silver filigree. He tells you they are seeking “fine sport” between “more official jousts”, but only chuckles when you ask him to elaborate.


The Moonlit Artillerie – Even under the Cosmogone sun, these fellows only appear in subtle shades of silver and cobalt, fighting under eternal moonlight. They are an odd bunch to pin down – sometimes when you look at them they appear zealous and revolutionary, with armbands and banners displaying proud tricolores (or as much ‘colores’ as their nature allows). At others they are uniformed, ragged but resilient, dressed in the attire of royalist forces. They can’t quite seem to grasp the battles you intend to lead them to are not part of their greater campaign, but as long as you pepper in the right words of loyalty or liberation in your orders they should obey them just fine.


Got me to reset my army, didn’t see this was a fanwork! Alas. Super cool!

Yeah. Not just you. I really fancied those Ushabtiu Independents. You listening, FB? On the other hand, all the options are open to me now, which they weren’t originally, so there’s that.