New Region: ALBION - Out Now!

[color=#cc0099]Skyfarers! Our brand new region, Albion, is now available!

Those looking to discover Albion should head towards Port Prosper to find the transit relay. Transit permits will be free during Early Access, though to make sure captains are seasoned enough for the journey, you’ll still need to pay for either a Ministry-Stamped Permit or 2 Barrels of Hours before you travel.

We’ll be continuing to adjust the balance between the new regions, and so are eager to hear what you think about the addition of Albion!

For a more detailed idea of what’s new, check out our extensive list in the Patch Notes.[/color]

That trailer (for Albion) is dynamite! MUCH more powerful than the original trailer. Much more drama. If the content matches it, Sunless Skies should start to generate the amount of demand it deserves.

Yes, fantastic work on the trailer. Really excellent - fast-paced, Lovecraftian, and intriguing - everything the game needs right now. Things are looking up!

On the Fallen London webpage, the Sunless Skies link just goes back to Fallen London, rather than to any Sunless Skies page.