New Rare Opportunities?

Poking around journals in the last few weeks, I’ve seen what look like a few new rare opportunities: one involving the [color=00ffff]Velocipede Squad and the Scribnett Sisters[/color] and one mentioning the [color=00ffff]Battle Hymn of the Drownies[/color].

Can anyone who’s actually encountered them shed some light- are they actually new, or have I simply not seen them before? Did they give unique rewards like the rare pet ones, or are they just particularly lucrative?

I got the Velocipede Squad one in Veilgarden a few days ago. It turned out to be a luck challenge, which I failed. I also failed my Remember To Echo Interesting Content check, unfortunately, so I don’t have the failure text, but it got me a Confident Smile. No menace increases.

Just got the Battle Hymn of the Drownies – five actions, no special rewards, but a significant boost to my Dangerous. (Unfortunately, I don’t remember how much, but I believe it was at least a couple of whole points.) Success text is in my journal – Fallen London

just curious: has anyone ever had this card?!
If so, do you remember where you got it and how high your Watchful was at the time?