New Player -- Seeking creative-minded contacts!


I’m fairly new to Fallen London, though I’ve been enjoying myself immensely. I also happen to enjoy a good deal of roleplay in most things that I do. With that in mind, I’d be interested in finding some contacts who wouldn’t mind interacting with me on a creative level – I spend most my creative efforts elsewhere, so I’m not asking anyone to become part of some big ongoing storyline. I just happen to enjoy writing up some Neath-themed flavour text whenever I send someone an invitation for an activity and would love to meet someone who happens to enjoy the same. :)

My profile cant be found here:

I also made a quasi-IC post in the Protégé post, on the last page, if anyone’s interested in my incredibly vague character idea. But yeah, I’m not looking for anything too intense. Just a bit of fun, Neathy prose!

Sounds great to me. I am a fairly new Fallen Londoner myself, not an avid gamer, but I like the atmosphere of it and think a little role play would make this a much richer experience.
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^best personal ad ever
Neathy prose yes, please, yes. A thousand times. Without a frothy head of neathy prose, social actions are like reading a beer gone slightly flat. Whistles! Bells! Mildew!

Oh, yes, yes and thrice yes. I love a bit of IC writing.

Thank you for the responses! I hope that you don’t mind that I’ve sent you each a calling card (or have otherwise already received one!)

I look forward to future Londoneering. :)