New Player Q's

[li]I am enjoying the game…very addictive…a couple of new player q’s, if I may:
[li]1. I notice when I try and engage certain ships, they seem to just teleport away…is this intended?
[li]2. Does moving faster use more fuel?


1: Those are likely neutral merchant vessels. They were only recently added to the game, and their AI and movement are still a little buggy!

2: Yes, I think it does. But moving slower means you’ll use up more Supplies and gain more Terror before you get there.

Good Morning and Welcome!

1: Not everything on the sea is hostile, if they don’t start trying to target lock you, they’re neutral vessels, and the only way to get them before they do the teleport away thing is to make sure there’s no objects near them, otherwise the AI moves them past the object at a speed you can’t possibly match.

2 Moving faster does use more fuel, but you go further in the same amount of time, so it evens out, moving at full power uses a lot more fuel but you move a lot faster (and might occasionally explode…)

Thanks! I suppose also, that staying at Battle Stations must generate more fear or use more food???

Jack: That’s good to know! I always suspected I was wasting fuel in my impatience to get around - I’m glad I’m not!

basilhare: I don’t think it does, no - though it also doesn’t generate any benefit, because you don’t start building up a firing solution until you’ve actually targeted a specific enemy.

Nope, but equally, it won’t target something unless you click on the target when it strays into the red zone, otherwise you could aim at multiple objects in the zones (which I’d be very happy with.)